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What is 'A Port in the Storm'?

A Port in the Storm is a medical hostel serving rural and northern citizens residing in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. Our goal is to reduce the financial burden of serious illness on those who must travel to and remain in Winnipeg for extended periods to receive treatment.

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17 Mar

Cancer patient’s vision inspiration for medical hostel

Global News Winnipeg's - Focus Manitoba - 2-part story medical hostel, A Port In The Storm, which offers hope and help for rural patients and the story that started it all, a cancer patient’s vision inspiration for the medical hostel that exists today.

Meet Karen Ashby

Kim Klassen - A Port In The Storm

My 77 year old mother's cancer diagnosis was not a real surprise.  I had done research on her symptoms.  I had been with her for her biopsy.  Appointments at Cancer Care Winnipeg soon followed.

The real surprise, however, was when I discovered that the new [...] facility in our hometown [...] would not be able to provide the radiation therapy my mother required.  

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Gail Morberg - leading philanthropist for 'A Port in the Storm' and author. Learn more about Gail Morberg, her continued, un-waivering support for the 'A Port in the Storm' organization.

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Our lodging section includes a photo gallery tour, a FAQ for any questions you may have, and all forms that require completion before your stay.

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